Episode 14 – Fondle Me in a Dark Room

Monica and Mike get some quality time this episode! We talk about families saying terrible racist things, Thanksgiving, and “comedians helping comedians.” Welcome to Hug Central Station!

Episode 12 – We’re All Dorothy

Time for a Monica and Mike only episode! We talk comedy contests, Mike attempts poetry, and Hug Central Station employment positions. Also a feel good movie and related quiz!

Episode 8 – A Moment of Silence

Monica and Mike speak all sorts of good news this episode. They talk funny comedians they love, The Mosh, and COOKIES! Also learn which reality shows Monica and Mike should be on. THIS IS HUG…

Episode 7 – Boob Salesman with Yogi Paliwal

Monica and Mike are joined by funny comedian and dear friend Yogi Paliwal! They talk Yogi’s album, ideal television boyfriends and Remember the Titans (and a lot of other movies). This one gets out there!…

Episode 5 – I Shit a Banana

This episode is chock-full of good news! Monica and Mike discuss battles between sexes, Monica’s ideal prince (spoiler: he’s not real), and bring out their inner drag queen. Donate to the the saintly Pam Nevi…

Episode 1 – The Bullpen

IT BEGINS. Monica Nevi and Mike Coletta start their first Hug Life podcast off by interviewing each other! You’re great, you’re great, you’re great, you’re great.