Monica and Mike are joined by comedian and fascinating human being Ryan Singer! We talk about the perils of social media, friendly ghosts, medieval magic, and the ins and outs of wet t-shirt contests! Check out Ryan’s podcast Me & Paranormal You. The charity this week is the Child Foundation. You can take the quiz here.

Mike and Monica talk with improviser and writer Quinn Hatch! We positive spin improv, talk about good underwear, dog food, sex toys, and the immortal battle of thousand island versus Long Island. Check out Quinn’s new web series Single and Bad at It. The charity this week is the After School Alliance. You can take the quiz here.

Monica and Mike welcome comedian and author Brandt Tobler! We talk about Brandt’s new book Free Roll! We also positive spin partying, talk about proper STD testing, and shot clock violations. The charities this week are the Children’s Literacy Initiative, Barbara Bush Foundation, and Children’s Hospitals! You can take the quiz here.