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Episode 125 – Hug PSA

Monica and Mike positive spin advertising! We talk infomercials, stepdads, Paula Abdul vs. Sarah McLachlan, and naked dads. The charity this week is the National Mentoring Partnership. You can take the quiz here.

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Episode 122 – Banana Babies with Brooks McBeth

Monica and Mike are joined by fantastic┬ácomedian Brooks McBeth! We positive spin seeing people from high school, talk about the beautiful nightlife of Renton, Washington, Westworld vs. Waterworld, and being home for the holidays! The…

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Episode 121 – Leggo My Uggo

Monica and Mike have their first Skype podcast! We positive spin commuting, talk about Christmas villages, and high up toilets! The charity this week is Monica’s benefit show! You can take the quiz here.

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