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Episode 129 – Buffalo Wild Vampires

Monica and Mike are back to positive spin swear words! This is a very explicit podcast. We talk burps on deck, teachers that swear, and Monica tells Mike a story he doesn’t like. The charities…

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Episode 128 – Leather Vest

Monica and Mike positive spin dreams, and it gets weird. We also talk about eating bugs, Disney friends, and Mike forgets how to end the podcast. The charities this week are Stand with Standing Rock,…

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Episode 127 – 127 Hours

Monica and Mike try to positive spin Polygamy! We end up learning a lot about polygamy, we talk phone nicknames,  and what bands Mike would be brother husbands with! The charity this week is Charity Navigator. You…

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Episode 125 – Hug PSA

Monica and Mike positive spin advertising! We talk infomercials, stepdads, Paula Abdul vs. Sarah McLachlan, and naked dads. The charity this week is the National Mentoring Partnership. You can take the quiz here.

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